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Launched today
Launched today 8th of Oct 2020, what a wreck.
  • Posted to otland, got instantly deleted for "advertising website".
  • Wrote a quick two liner on the Open Tibia discord server about it, got instantly deleted and flamed by Amish.
  • Started a discord server briefly and advertised the discord server on otland, got instantly deleted (rule not specified).
  • Asked for clarification, got the answer "you're indirectly advertising your website" and "your conduct isn't welcome here", "we invite people to collaborate, not to partition and divide the community".
[Image: 3TmQnO2.png]

Here's the link to my thread I guess warranting basically being called a shady, annoying and quarrelsome salesman knocking on grandma's door trying to sell her some bootlegged DVDs or something

Talk about being divisive.

Gave him a little piece of my mind:
[Image: o1IYn8D.png]
No response  Cool Cat caught your tongue, Don? Tounge_smile

In other news, here's a few mentionable things done today (not much, been busy irl & chilling):
  • Contemplating how to organize the wiki (categorically). Hope you're as excited as me about our... wiki structure... :rolleyes:
  • Added a couple of plugins to this forum including a shoutout/chat box to the bottom of the forum Smile
  • Need to reorganize/add new boards, it'll come to me eventually
  • Bunch of configuration changes like removing images from signatures (privacy/security feature)
  • I also took some of Don's advice today: I definitely should contribute less and advertise more, so I redirected the OpenTibia wiki on to this website, posted a link to this website on a couple of sites, etc.
Upcoming changes throughout the week will probably mostly be "settling down" with forum categories, settings, wiki structure, and advertising (thanks again for the tip ms. Don).

At the same time I'm still working on about 10 other technology-related projects, so I hope everyone will be patient with me and understand that I'm just human after all.

OTLand thread update: See
In case posts or the thread is deleted, see the webarchive link here:

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