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[TFT] The Forgotten Tibia Project
The Forgotten Tibia Project

Current GitHub:
(All thanks and regards to original creator

Features TFT:

There are no vocations:
- Everyone starts as normal human being with points to be distributed among the skills.

There is no skill training.
- Each level you advance you receive points to be distributed among the skills. The more levels you get, less points you receive.

You can use two one-handed weapons at the same time
- Attack speed will increase, and each weapon damage will decrease.

- Just need to slect item you want to loot, and add/remove from your loot list.

Quiver/container on arrow slot
- You don't need to refill ammunication when hunting with arrows or bolts

Wand & Rods maximum damage can be increased
- When you advanced your intelligence skill and faith the damage will increase them.

Access to spells, and runes based on Faith and Intelligence
- There is no level or vocation requirement. You need to raise your faith, and intelligence to get access to more spells and runes.

You can set a title to your character
- If you have the requirements you can be a mage, a supporter, a knight or a ranger.

Randomization of certain ground tiles
- This is based on client files, its still WIP (to-do water tiles)

Monsters can have levels
- You can set inside monster files what kind of level array you want ex. from 1 to 10, from 1 to 100, from 50 to 60 etc.

(Each skill provides player with different stats)


Stats gain detail from skills can be viewed:
(Note: Spells scale are not listed here but in spells files.)

- Monster
Adding Levels, Matching to pre 8.0 damage, and some loot chances)
- Items
Adding effects, changing effects etc
- Map
Working on modifying YurOTS map.
- Re-balancing spells, level gain
Working on spell skill requirements, level gain amount of skill points, and skill point cost.

(All help is appreciated)
- Fix Client Language Typo's.
- Fix/Expose easy modification of skill description and damage for wands/rods in Client.
- NPC's for the new map
- Raids
- Map exp locations for mobs.
- Good Ideas?
- Rework/Change Website part.
- Cleanup unused files

(Includes everything client, server, web compiled for windows)
Client: Modified OTClient
Server: Modified TFS
Web: Modified Znote

Release Beta [10/09/2020]

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