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Global Rules
Here's the simple Global Rules of the forums:

  1. Use common sense: try to be respectful of other members whenever possible (we want to be a generally friendly community), no spam, general marketing, hardcore trolling, anti-member posts, etc.
  2. All non-commercial Open Tibia-related advertising is allowed except for cases of false or exaggerated advertisement and advertisements of communities who themselves censor us. Advertisements unrelated to Open Tibia is not allowed.
  3. You may sell and advertise your Open Tibia-related services and software in the commercial section.
  4. Make sure you post in the correct categories. Category missing? Post about it in Feedback.
  5. Bumps are allowed with the following conditions: the thread must have been started by you and must be a commercial thread, at least 24 hours must have passed since your last post, and the thread must have passed over to page 2 or higher.

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